The Story Unfurled Before My Eyes: Unfurl A Poem



The truth unfurled, before his eyes,

It hit him in the gut, his heart in agony.

A feeling of sheer panic, betrayal and being broken hearted.

‘How come’ was repeating itself in his mind.

The truth is always ugly, in our lifetime.

“Can anyone hear me?” he shouted before the crowd.

Nobody heard, he was further provoked.

Hugging his crying mother, seemed impossible.

The story unfurled, further ahead.

The silence.

He saw himself, laying with no life, body remaining.

He leaned over, and looked into the deep blue eyes, 

Where he lay, perplexed and still.

No soul, How was he alive.

He was left more desolate than ever.

He knew, what happened.

Remembered every second.

Who could he let know, 

“The death of me. My demise.”

He came to me, ” Can you see?”

‘Yes, I can, the real tragedy.’

No justice is brought to him, like each time.

Not just him, a million souls left behind.

Each day, they are crushed, with how this world is UNJUST.


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